15 Ice Cream Parlours in Hyderabad that make have more fun

Ice cream is the most favourite dessert of young and old. Varieties of ice creams have different colours, flavours, and unique tastes. People never get tired of having ice cream to cheer up their mood, and they can relish it in the afternoon, evening, or even at night before going to bed. No one can escape the temptation of ice cream in summer, to get some relief amidst the scorching heat.

However, scoops of delicious ice cream can be adored throughout the year. Irrespective of your mood, this combination of milk, sugar, and other natural food products will always please your taste buds. Hence, ice cream parlours Hyderabad are always found crowded with people of all ages.

Here is a list of 15 popular ice cream parlours in Hyderabad, which are always flocked by ice cream lovers of this city.

1) Natural Ice Cream
2) Baskin Robbins
3) Famous Ice Cream
4) Cream Stone Concepts
5) Apsara Ice Creams
6) Cream & Fudge
7) Max Ice Cream Bakers
8) Huber & Holly
9) Masqati Ice Cream Parlour
10) Amore Gelato
11) Stikstof Ice-Cream Cafe 
12) Dr Ice Ctream
13) Pick N Move
14) Gelatissimo
15) Ice Station

1) Natural Ice Cream – This ice cream parlour is very popular for its delicious fruit-based ice creams. It is operational for more than 35 years and renowned for providing ice creams of innovative fruity flavours. No artificial essence, colour, or unhealthy preservative is added to bring the flavours of these ice creams here.

Hence, people love to taste the mango, strawberry, and custard apple ice cream from the first day of this ice cream parlour. Now, other flavours, like Kala Jamun ice cream, Sitaphal ice cream, Tender Coconut ice cream, and Coffee Walnut ice cream, have become universal favourites due to their superb taste, creaminess, and healthy fruits used in making these desserts. There are several shops of this famous ice cream brand in different places of Hyderabad.

2) Baskin Robbins – This is a chain of ice cream specialty shops, which has multiple outlets in Hyderabad, mainly in shopping malls and multiplexes. All these outlets are air-conditioned and have a kid-friendly environment. Hence, children love to visit here for tasting their favourite ice creams with their parents. There are also take-away and home delivery facilities for customers.

This brand is known for its unique ice cream flavours, such as Chocolate Strawberry, Cherry Macaroon, Banana Nut Fudge, and Green Mint Stick, which are not available in other ice cream shops. All these ice creams are available both in cones and cups here. Customers can ask for extra toppings of nuts, strawberry slices, or chocolate sauce on their ice creams. Malted Chocolate Fudge is another popular sundae that is sold rapidly from these Hyderabad ice cream parlours.

3) Famous Ice Cream – This ice cream parlour is located in Mozamjahi Market in Hyderabad. It is a landmark that is serving delicious ice creams for last seventy years. Different seasonal fruits are used to make ice creams here, among which mango, muskmelon, figs, and litchi are the popular ones among kids.

However, Badam Kulfi and Pista Kulfi of this parlour are available throughout the year and relished by numerous people. All the ice creams and kulfis are sold at reasonable prices, which further attract a huge number of customers every day to this iconic shop and make it one of the best ice cream parlours in Hyderabad.

4) Cream Stone Concepts – This popular ice cream has its branches in Hyderabad and Secunderabad, which remain open even at midnight. People also love to sit here and enjoy their ice creams, for the comfortable ambiance of these shops. This ice cream brand is mainly famous for some unique varieties of ice creams, like Choco Almond, Devils Brownie, Mango Tub, Malai Tub, Choco Chunks Tub, Kala Jamun, Dry Fruit Delight, Candy Land, and Meetha Paan. It was opened in 2009 and gained huge popularity fast among people of all ages, due to the mouth-watering tastes of its ice creams.

5) Apsara Ice Creams – It is a famous ice cream brand of India that is known to manufacture ice creams without any artificial ingredients. It also offers sugar-free ice creams for diabetic patients, who cannot otherwise enjoy ice creams due to their ailment. It is well-known for the last 40 years, due to the production of amazing flavoured ice creams, like Roasted Almond ice cream, Asli Alphonso ice cream, Orange Apricot ice cream, Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream, Kesar Pista ice cream, and Malai Slice ice cream. Common chocolate ice cream and dry fruits ice cream of this brand are also very popular among kids. People also love vegan sorbets and kulfi of special festive flavours sold from the outlets of this brand.

6) Cream & Fudge – This ice cream brand claims to manufacture the creamiest ice cream, available in their outlets in Hyderabad. All the products are purely vegetarian and very tasty. People adore their exotic ice cream flavours, like Green Apple, Mint, Peanut Butter, Coffee, Bubble Gum, French Vanilla, and Cookie Dough.

Customers need to buy at least 100 ml serving available in a cone or waffle bowl, at only Rs 50. Several other desserts, like Oreo cookies, jellies, candies, milkshakes, and ice cream cakes are also available here. Customers can also ask for extra whipped cream to make their desserts more delicious. These spacious shops can hold a large crowd, for which people come here in groups to enjoy tasty ice creams.

7) Max Ice Cream Bakers – This ice cream manufacturer provides home delivery of their ice creams in 1 litre packs, cones, and bars. Vanilla ice cream, Chocolate ice cream, Tutti frutti ice cream, Butterscotch ice cream, Mithai made ice cream, Choco bars, and Kaju kulfi are the specialties of this brand. It also sells different types of cakes, along with snacks, like pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches, as well as soft drinks.

8) Huber & Holly – This ice cream parlour has two outlets in Hyderabad and 1 in Secunderabad, which are well-known for serving fresh ice creams of wonderful flavours. Berry Berry, Fruit Basket, Ultimate Hazelnut Chocolate, Charcoal Lychee, Chocolate Factory, and Freshly Churned Mango are the popular ice cream flavours of this brand. More dessert items, like pastries and ice cream cakes sold from the shops of this brand. Customers can also get tasty pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, and fries from the outlets of this brand.

9) Masqati Ice Cream Parlour – This is known as the oldest ice cream brand in Hyderabad. It is also a reputed dairy products manufacturer, though ice cream is its best specialty. It has several outlets at various corners of this city, where people can buy Chocolate cake ice cream, Black currant ice cream, Caramel nuts ice cream, Honey almond ice cream, and Chocolate cookies ice cream. People also buy Birthday ice cream cakes and family packs of ice creams on their special occasions.

10) Amore Gelato – It is an Italian brand of ice creams and other dessert items, sold from their outlets in Hyderabad. Gelatos and Sorbettos are the prime frozen desserts available here, along with gelato cakes and yogurts. Gelatos are made fresh every day, without adding any artificial ingredient or preservatives. Kit Kat, Belgian Chocolate, Ferraro Rocher, and Choco Chilli Gelato are the popular flavours of gelatos available here. People love Sorbettos made of different seasonal fruits, like mango, pineapple, peach, almond, dates, and custard apple.

11) Stikstof Ice-Cream Cafe – People consider it as one of the best ice cream sellers in Hyderabad. It provides innovative flavours of ice cream, like Choco-Zella, Chocolate Camp Fire, Fried Mango, Caramelly Peanutty, Chocolate & Berry Bliss, Coconut Charcoal, and Coffireo. The production of alcohol-based ice cream is another unique specialty of this brand, among which Drunken Apple, Monk Raisin, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Chivascream are very popular.

12) Dr Ice Ctream – As witty as its name suggests, this ice cream parlour sells ice creams in the form of tablets, liquid medicines, and injections, creating a great fantasy for kids. Thus, Heart Attack ice cream, Fractured Bones ice cream, Hyderabadi Fever, Diabetic, Love Failure ice cream, and Stressed Out ice cream are the exclusive items offered at three branches of this brand in Hyderabad. Hence, people love to visit these shops to improve their moods by having these tasty ice creams.

13) Pick N Move – This ice cream parlour is famous for offering more than 50 varieties of ice creams at affordable prices. Honey and Belgian Dark Chocolate, Jamaica Choco, and Tutty Fruity are the popular flavours of ice cream sold here. People also buy sundaes, thick shakes, soda pops, and soft drinks, along with various snacks, like pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, noodles, rolls, and fries from this shop.

14) Gelatissimo – It is an Australian brand known for producing mouth-watering gelatos in Hyderabad. They claim these gelatos of having fewer calories, though thicker and tastier than ordinary gelatos. Dates gelato, Pistachio gelato, Forest Berry Yogurt gelato, chocolate gelato, and sugar-free vanilla gelato are the specialties of this brand. People also love the ice creams, sorbets, and shakes of various flavours available in the three outlets of this brand in this city.

15) Ice Station – This ice cream parlour is situated in Lumbini Jewel Mall. Their ice creams are available at -20 degrees C, due to the use of the latest US technology. Five Star Crunch, Cashews, and Toblerone are the most popular varieties of ice creams available in this shop. People also prefer to buy their sundaes, among which Cookie Monster, Dark Devil, Oreo, Awfully Awesome, and Pirates Caribbean are hot favourites.

All these ice cream parlours Hyderabad are the places that offer coolness and sugary delight to the people of this city. If you are a lover of ice cream and have missed any of these ice cream heavens in the city of pearls, you should wear your shoes, take your vehicle keys, and get set go to taste the specialities.

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