15 Home Decor Stores in Hyderabad

Modern homes speak for themselves due to their creative home decor. Every home nowadays tells a unique story that inspires others. Decorating a space is a process to achieve the kind of space we dreamt of. After a long tiring day at work, home is the only space where we find peace and solace. Hence, we must make it cozy, therapeutic, sophisticated, pleasing, and productive to uplift our mood instantly. We must create a pleasant environment that transforms our home into a heavenly abode. After all, home is our permanent space where we rejuvenate.

However, home decoration is impossible without home decor products. Decorating a home requires a collection of decorative objects that will amplify the feel and look of your beloved space. And to get access to an exquisite range of home decor products you need to know the finest home decor stores in your city.

If you are staying in Hyderabad and looking for some of the best home decor stores then here is the list.

Top 15 home decor stores in Hyderabad

1) Godrej Interio

It is nothing short of heaven for home decor connoisseurs. The store houses the finest collection of home decor products to amplify the decor quotient of your beloved home. Be it a kitchen, bedroom, living room, patio, or office space, you can find out a versatile range of home décor products at competitive prices. The brand has multiple stores in different parts of the city, including Madhapur Gachibowli, Kukatpally, Secunderabad, etc.


The brand is known for its luxury range of furniture all across the world. However, the brand now also offers an exquisite range of tableware, kitchenware, storage products, sculptures, decorative objects, lights, and textiles to spruce up every corner of your home. it offers an extensive range of home décor products to meet all your home décor expectations. The brand has various stores in India and offers the safest home delivery right at your doorstep.

3) D’decor

The brand doesn’t need an introduction. It justifies its name in a true sense by offering a contemporary range of home décor products for all types of spaces. Be it commercial or residential, the brand knows how to add a touch of luxury and comfort effortlessly. It’s rich collection comes in different color palettes, textures, elements, and motifs to add panache to every room. Its well-curated range of décor objects is available at the store located in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

4) Address Home

Address Home addresses is also a leading home decor store in Hyderabad. In fact, the brand has its presence all over the country. It offers a bespoke collection of home decorative products in myriad textures, finishes, and palettes. One can get finely crafted decorative products inspired by French, Roman, and Venetian artworks to create a global confluence in their beloved space. The brand offers a rich and vivid catalog of products in every category. With an option of EMI payment and gifting one can splurge and gift loved ones premium home décor products.

5) Home Center

It is yet another leading home decor brand where you can fulfill all your decor related requirements. The home decor store in Hyderabad offers a distinctive range of home decorative products, furnishings, furniture, kitchenware, bath-ware, and many more decorative objects to help you spruce up your space. Every decor piece is an amalgamation of style and elegance to transform your personal space into an exotic abode. Currently, the brand has over 9 stores in Hyderabad. And it offers the safest home delivery in the city.

6) At Home by Nilkamal

It is also one of the prominent home decor stores in Hyderabad for home décor connoisseurs. It offers a world-class range of decor objects, furniture, and furnishings to create the home you feel proud of. From traditional to contemporary and from metallic to ceramic you can find products in myriad designs and finishes. And a stunning range of furnishings and furniture will act as the icing on the cake. The store is located in Hitech City and has a stunning online store from where you can order anything at your doorstep.

7) Inhabit

If you love to create a distinctive look for your beloved space with funky, appealing, and rich designs then Inhabit is the right place for you. The brand is known for its exquisite range of furniture and decorative objects designed to uplift the decor quotient of every nook and corner of your space. With a wide range of customized and contemporary products, the store is one of the most popular home décor stores in Hyderabad.

8) Eucalyptus

The brand offers a rich catalog of timeless home decorative products to fulfill all your decorating fancies. From a rich collection of wooden furniture to bespoke decor accessories, the store has it all to create a tranquil, serene, and glamorous space for every gathering. The store is located right in the heart of the city to transform residential and official spaces into artistic abodes.

9) De’Fine Furnishings

It is yet another decor brand that has created quite a stir in Hyderabad. The store offers a versatile range of home décor products ranging from finely crafted furnishings, upholstery, furniture, curtains, carpets, mattresses, and many more. The chic collection will make you go weak in the knees. The store is located in Nagarjuna Hills, Punjagutta, and Hyderabad.

10) Autumn Leaf Studio

When it comes to creativity, luxury, and comfort then Autumn Leaf Studio leaves no stone unturned to bring a perfect combination of all in its creations. Its bespoke collection of furniture, statement pieces, and decorative objects stimulates a sophisticated lifestyle. Be it a residential or commercial space, the brand has a collection of finely crafted décor products to make your space visually appealing.

11) Darpan Furnishings

The brand acts as a one-stop for decor lovers. It offers a collection of artistic and eye-catching decorative products to make your home décor intimate and personal. It is a heaven for ardent home décor seekers who love to splurge on an exotic and versatile collection of decorative products. Be it wallpapers, blinds, curtains, decorative objects, flooring, and other décor products, the brand offers all with fine craftsmanship and in a rich palette of shades. Currently, they have 5 stores in Hyderabad and an online store for avid online shoppers.

12) Wooden Street

It is one of the most sought-after home decor stores in Hyderabad where you can find out a rich collection of home decor products. Every piece is designed to give a quintessential elegance and glamour that every home longs for. The brand offers almost everything, including decorative objects, tableware, bedroom & living room décor, furnishings, dining objects, etc. You can either visit the store or indulge in online shopping right from the comfort of your space. The brand offers affordable luxury home décor products.

13) ELVY

Elvy brings luxury decor products to your fingertips. The brand is known for its pure class and rich taste. Its ultra-luxury collection of home decorative objects will transfix your guests and transform your space into an exotic realm. Be it serve ware, dinnerware, bar accessories, bath decor, office decor products, etc, the brand leaves no stone unturned to offer a stunning collection to meet a wide spectrum of tastes. It is one of the premium home decor stores in Hyderabad with a vibrant online store to get home delivery of premium decorative products.

14) HomeLane

It is yet another popular home decor store in Hyderabad which is transforming dream home into a reality. The brand offers not only premium home decor products but also expert guidance on decor to create a stunning impact without going wrong. It has a rich catalog of products, including bed linen, dinnerware, bathware, decorative objects, garden accessories, office décor collection, modern furniture, etc. It offers an essential combination of exotic designs, a rich ethnic feel, and fine craftsmanship in each product. You can visit the store in Banjara Hills, Sarath City, and Gachibowli. The brand also has an online store to deliver products to your doorstep.

15) Chumbak

It doesn’t need an introduction. Chumbak has become a household name with its stunning range of decorative products across all categories. The brand is known for a wide range of products, including lifestyle, décor, accessories, and fashion. However, when it comes to home décor the brand knows how to brighten up your personal space with a funky, colorful, and glamorous range of products. From décor to furnishings to dining to outdoors, the brand offers an artistic array of decorative products to uplift the decor quotient of your beloved space.


If you are looking for elegantly designed home décor products to take the décor quotient of your space to the next level then you must visit these stores. Every brand offers a rich collection of flawlessly designed décor objects exuding elegance and sophistication.

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