15 Antique Shops in Hyderabad to add more to your historic collection

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An old city like Hyderabad has so much to offer. Of course, the cuisine, language, and the culture are to vouch for. But if you want to remember the history of the city, you should invest and find antiques. The antique items hold some historical value and these can be found in the very old shops of the old lanes of the city.

As Hyderabad has a rich cultural history, this city houses several antique shops at different areas. Buyers are fascinated with the wide varieties of antique pieces available at these shops, which are offered at reasonable to expensive prices. If you are interested in such precious items, we bring you a list of antique shops in Hyderabad where you can purchase some brilliant stuff for yourself or for you loved ones.

1) The Victorian English Antique Replica – The shop was founded in 2008 in Banjara Hills. It is a place to visit when you wish to decorate your home with some exclusive furniture from the past life. You can find wooden centre tables, almirahs, diwans, dining tables, sofa sets, and even cots from years back. The staff here is quite friendly and will help you out in finding the piece that you have been looking for since years. You can even compliment the old furniture with trendy ones that can also be found here.

2) Sagar Antiques – When you don’t want any replica but the original products from the historical times, then Sagar Antiques in Mahboob Chowk, Charminar is where you need to be. You can find copper items from the British and Nizam era here. Remember the gramophone from decades back? You can find it here for just 5000 to 7000 rupees. If it is worth, you need not bargain and get it at a fairly reasonable price too. Besides, the owner also collects antiques from different places of India and gets here for the antiques lover.

3) Art Antiqua – It is a beautiful gallery situated in Fatehnagar of Begumpet. Although a small store, it is a house for old and rare copper and bronze items including copper panchapatra, a rare bronze statue of a man playing golf, holy water pot, gajalakshmi oil lamp, and a lot more. They started their business in 2004, and since then are catering to art lovers from different parts of the country.

4) Meer’s Arts – You can find the best antique furniture in this old antique store, located in Mir Chowk of Hyderabad. Art lovers can be impressed with the decades old huge and heavy beds, sofa sets, and tables. You can even find big chest of drawers, work tables, cabinets, pendulum clocks, and mirror tables – all designed in beautiful ancient style. Purchase some amazing stuff and add value to your home.

5) The Antique Loft – It is a wooden furniture store in Hyderabad that is located in Banjara Hills. If you wish to bring home some antique furniture pieces that you cannot find elsewhere, then this is where you need to be. From old styled cabinets to clocks, huge wooden sofa sets to the traditional style swings made of pure wood – you can find them all here. You can even find decorative coffee tables, artefacts, and other items to bring an old world charm to your home.

6) Moughal Arts – Do you admire places like the Falaknuma palace and Paigah palace in Hyderabad? If you want to bring such inspiration home, you can check out the collection at Moughal Arts in Masab Tank. The shop is run by Mirza Ali Baig and is 30 years old. It has stuff that is 60 to 100 years old. You can find paintings, porcelain tiles, English paintings, post cards, hookah pots, old wine bottles and cameras, cuckoo clocks, perfume bottles, and a lot more. Also, the owner can give you the best experience by sharing some amazing old stories.

7) Paras Antiques – The store is located in old city, near Salar Jung Museum, and is owned by Satish Sisodiya. They have collectibles from around 100 years that includes royal paintings chandeliers, gramophone, and decorative. The owner is a descendent of the well-known Maharana Pratap Sisodiya and has moved from Rajasthan to Hyderabad years ago. The family has extensive knowledge of history and the antiques they store, and hence they are considered as one of the best antique shops in Hyderabad. Even if you do not want to buy, you can freely move around the museum and gain insight.

8) Navarathan’s Antique Art – When looking for antiques in the form of luxury, Navarathan’s Antique Art, located in Banjara Hills is where you need to be. They have collectibles, furniture, and décor stuff from different places of the country. However, you can expect slightly high prices when you are here as you get nothing but fine art.

9) Victorian English Antique – If you are fine with buying used antique stuff, then Victoria English Antique Replica is where you need to be. It is an old shop in Banjara Hills, and is a dealer who has all kinds of replicas and used antique items from teakwood furniture to Victorian beds, chandeliers, to decorative ceramics. The big shop will mesmerize you with its huge collection including gramophones, statues, hookahs, and huge vintage furniture. If you are setting up a new shop or decorating your house in old world style, then you will be happy to be here.

10) Antique Hub – You may not find original antique pieces at this shop, but you can surely find the replicas of some of the amazing vintage pieces. It is an old shop located in the Masjid-e-chowk lane of the old city. You can find fake artefacts from the Nizam and British era here. There are watches, lamps, household items, chandeliers, and a lot more. Right from Rs 200 to Rs 20,000 – all ranges of items are sold here. If you are not worried about the originality of the products, you are most welcome here.

11) Lepakshi Handicrafts – It is an undertaking of the Andhra Pradesh government, the store is located in the heart of the city, Abids. You will find art and craft items, mainly from Andhra Pradesh along with the unique antique stuff such as kalamkari paintings, wood works, leather puppets, kondapalli toys, brassware, carpets, stone carvings, statues, jewelry, and a lot more. It is an old shop where you can find something to decorate your house. They even keep hosting exhibitions where you can spot some amazing collection.

12) Antique Mall – This huge shop is located in Banjara Hills and is widely known for the variety of furniture it has. It is definitely a must-go place if you want to check out items from the past era. Some of the exclusive antique items it has are Italian marble statues, huge chandeliers, heavy wooden furniture, lamps, ceramic items for decoration, and a lot more. It is a good place to visit if you are thinking about giving a refurbished look to your house or any space in your office.

13) De Vintage Furniture – Do you wish to add some old world charm into your new home? Then De Vintage Furniture in Sindhi Colony, Secunderabad has some eye pleasing collection for you. Dining tables, wall mirrors, dressing tables, old telephone sets, gramophones, coffee tables, you can find all such essentials here. You can also find wall clocks, record players, transistors, and designed tiles. Everything you can find here has some rustic look and you don’t have to worry about its transportation too. The owner will get the purchased item delivered to your door step. Your space can get an amazing makeover if you stop by here.

14) Oriental Arts – This shop is situated in the Banjara Hills and Masab Tank, and is a home to varieties of artefacts. It is an interesting place where you can find some vintage items including ceramic vessels with hand painting, chandeliers, and some decorative items of vintage style. You can visit here and collect some lovely items to enhance the aesthetics of your space.

15) Rikhab Antiques – The shop is located in Darulshafa, behind the famous Salarjung Museum. The shop is owned by Rikhab Chand Sisodia, their family has moved to Hyderabad over 200 years ago. You can find exclusive artefacts from the Nizam era and from different parts of the country. You can find old paintings, glassware, wall clocks, table lamps, statues, and a lot more here.

If you are interested in the vintage and antique items, then these were some of the best antique ships in Hyderabad that can surprise you with its amazing assortment. Schedule your weekends to these shops and keep exploring them till you find the extraordinary pieces for your space. Don’t forget to collect the old stories while you bring home some thoughtful and lovely art pieces from the old era. Surely, your space will look even more beautiful than before with such interesting decorative pieces from the historic era.

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